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This article deals with the most common questions about Kratom, as well as a brief discussion pharmacology plant structure are the most famous alkaloids plants, etc. Information is provided for informational purposes only.

I would like to at least briefly raise the issue of kratom and, of course, ethnic stores where it is sold in Canada and the United States. But it is clear that the very first thing I would like to touch on the theme of kratom as a psychological phenomenon, and biologically active, because there are many "legends", where nearly no grain of truth about the real pharmacology of entheogen.

In Canada and in many countries around the world, this plant "survived" the time of sale extracts "Salvia predictor", and a number of other entheogens, which now can be found easily in the "List of narcotic and potent psychotropic substances, their precursors and so forth." Along heroin, cocaine and many other authentic and well known drugs.

I learn Kratom since 2006 and the first thing noticed - this suspicious lack of Internet versatile research at least the main active ingredients of kratom, which for over 100 years as known. That is, the pharmacology of kratom is still poorly covered in the scientific and popular literature: in the public domain provides only the most general information about the most famous plant alkaloids, which were previously considered the main active ingredient entheogen. At present, there are more than 30 alkaloids found in the leaves of kratom, and dozens of structures of biologically active substances of this plant. This involuntarily surprising.

Kratom - this is not the Amanita muscaria, which is characterized by significant variations in the content of a number of surfactants and biologically active substances, which, depending on variety and growing conditions, drying, storage, etc., Differences in the content of various substances in the plant material is so significant that some substances in one instance can be very much, whereas in the other, from other areas, or assembled under different conditions, etc. - They are almost impossible to detect. Well, besides, many people know that Amanita muscaria as entheogen may have quite low toxicity and activity is high, and this will very much depend on the characteristics of the heat treatment of the cap of this mushroom, during which there is a transformation of ibotenic acid into a more active muskimol. Kratom is - this is a very "predictable" and well-known plant in Southeast Asia, Africa, and even in some countries in the Middle East, not to mention the mysterious flora of South America, and although their percentage of different alkaloids, etc. May vary from grade to grade , it is still well-known alkaloids, the amount of which will be readily available in the laboratory. This has already happened that the "core" DV kratom alkaloid believe mitradzhinin and 7 Gidroksimitradzhinin, although the effects of these alkaloids in the experiments did not fully comply with the effects of natural kratom leaves. It is also well known Kratom alkaloids are peynantein, spetsiodzhinin, spetsiotsiliatin and korinanteidin.

In the English-language Wikipedia as a "base" Kratom alkaloids, given mitradzhinin, which is known at this time, is not the main surfactant plant, but has already managed to get into the group of "opioid" in Canada is really quite easy with the purchase of this relatively safe entheogen. Known fact and that cancer patients and people with other serious health problems, very actively support a request to all not indifferent to leave the active forms of Kratom leaves of the tree as a definitely effective, and certainly much safer alternative potent opioid analgesics such as morphine and its derivatives and synthetic analogues.

Why is the Internet are very fragmentary, superficial information about simple pharmacology even known surfactants plant, but so loudly declared that mitradzhinin is "opioid analgesic" is considered "an analogue of morphine," in tests demonstrate the effectiveness of some alkaloids agonists of mu-opioid receptor and "by virtue of" superior to morphine in dozens and dozens of times? And recently extracted completely new Kratom alkaloids - mitradzhinin psevdoindoksil - compared with the activity of enkephalin (ie, about 50 times greater than morphine in activity).

Meanwhile, even though the plant is available and many are willing to, but in different forms more, not really come across cases of "addiction to kratom," even in its growth regions, where groves of this plant can be seen nearly as well as the use of adult specimens for trunks construction of huts, houses and so on. We have, therefore, some absurd: there is available, as it is called by many "opioid activity superior to morphine ten times at least," but no clear description of simple even pharmacology, and there is no "hundreds of thousands of drug treatment clinics where they treat dependence on kratom ", and generally not really understand this topic simple layman, just stumbled on it by accident all the Internet, or even in the social. various networks. Maybe taking all this into account, it is worth a little look into this phenomenon? Based on the known facts, and so on.

In many Canadian ethnic stores you can easily read a number of articles on the subject that the use of kratom as a drug in Southeast Asia has a thousand-year history, as well as that with which it aims of this plant was used: as an analgesic, but without a number expressed inherent "classical opioid" painkillers dangerous PE as respiratory depression, bradycardia, and especially - the formation of addiction, with a strong tolerance to surfactants plant, and then - tough physical and psychological dependence. And most importantly - we know definitely that no "drawing", not to mention the pure Kratom alkaloids - not used parenterally in medicine and can not be accepted in this way addicts. That is, there is no worst thing in the "opium addiction" - in / in the introduction of anything on the basis of kratom. There are examples of the fact that such studies were carried out, with a fairly long time, and described a very unpleasant and dangerous examples when even the consumption of pure alkaloid plants inside. This is, first and foremost, blurred vision, a serious "double vision" (not because of the narcotic effect as vodka, for example, is a direct pharmacological activity of some surfactants kratom on a number of formations of the central nervous system: It is important to clearly understand what speech), problems with the cardiovascular system (may be the most acute hemodynamic disturbances), and of many other things going on with the introduction of just such a "terrible opioid" mitradzhinina parenterally or even pure inside. Of course, that of classical opiate "euphoria" there and can not speak, as well as the potential of this kind of "recreational use" plants. If we compare figuratively, a few of these bad experiences in something very similar research experience pure nicotine from tobacco, where the test actually threatened death.

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